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The Crucible
January 21 – February 19, 2017

Vallea is appearing as Tituba in this timely production of Arthur Miller’s classic. The witching hour is at hand in the tight-knit community of Salem. Personal vendettas collide with lust and superstition, fueling widespread hysteria. Do witches walk among us, or has revenge created a monster? As paranoia grips the tiny town, reason takes a back seat to fear – and all hell breaks loose in this visceral new production of Arthur Miller’s riveting masterpiece.

Singles in Agriculture
September 16 – October 9, 2016

Vallea is making another Atlanta area debut, this time appearing with Lawrenceville’s Aurora Theatre in this Southeast Regional Premiere. An unconventional convention, Singles in Agriculture, brings together lonely farmers looking for love… or the next best thing. When the Modern Family-obsessed, goat farmer Priscilla is slipped the key card to repressed dairy man Joel’s hotel room, an amorous encounter is expected. But like everything else on the farm, it’s hard to get the job done without stepping in something messy.

Tell Me My Dream
October 30 – November 8, 2015

Vallea is excited to my her Alliance Theatre debut this fall in this World Premiere, especially written for middle schoolers and their families by Alliance Playwright-in-Residence, Pearl Cleage, in her first show for young audiences. There was a not-so-long-ago moment when making music and making history were part of the same Atlanta dream. In 1910, that dream became a music festival that made history and changed the lives of two unsuspecting middle school time travelers forever.

Mama Bear
August 14-23, 2015

Vallea recently completely her Atlanta debut in Out of Box Theatre’s Mama Bear by Sharon Harris Warrick. How far would you go to save your child? What if that child has gone wild? What if society has written that child off? And what is your definition of “save”? Mama Bear revolves around Debra, mother of Keith, who, like many other urban youth, grew up paying more attention to the lessons of the street than to his own parents. An escalating series of events ultimately drives this stressed-out woman to an act of desperation that has a dramatic ripple effect. Before you judge her, spend some time in her shoes. Hear her story. And consider – what would YOU do to save your child?
Mama Bear Production Photos